Why I decided to quit social media amidst a global pandemic, living on the other side of the world.

I've been thinking about it for a long time now. I know that it prevents me from being creative and I am aware of its ability to shut me off from the real world, giving the illusion of connection. I've deleted facebook once before and, despite having an account for around 5/6 years, I only just started using Instagram recently due to my current partner using it has his main mode of contact when we first started dating. It was the use of direct messaging that really sucked me in. As I started using stories to "connect" others started sharing posts and stories with me via direct messaging and THAT. WAS. IT.

Sucked in. All the way down. The thick hard cock of social media and it's ability to completely fuck your brain was smashing the back of my throat and it hurt.

My brain, unable to think freely. ALWAYS considering if my outfit or my face was adequately prepared for a fucking photoshoot that I'm never going to have. Body dysmorphia and anxiety I've never previously experienced beyond the short period of time at the age of around 13. When you bleed for the first time and you have weird puffy nipples that are apparently to become boobs.

So, this pandemic.

This pandemic has made me want to keep more connected with friends and family from back home and now, in Melbourne. I'm from the UK. I was supposed to do my annual visit there in July, obviously that didn't happen as I'm not allowed to leave as per Australian border restrictions and my being a permanent resident now. Then, amidst the first outbreak, I moved to perth. Drove here over four days. It was weird.

Friends in Melbourne are now in a new lockdown, seeming pretty over it, and using social media to stay connected more visually as THEY CAN'T LEAVE THEIR HOME. It's incalculable how grateful I am for being in Perth.

ANYWAY, this brings up a few issues on my wanting to remove social media from my life. But then I realised, my phone number and my email address are two extremely ample ways to connect with me. I don't need to force myself to stay connected with hundreds of people constantly. IT'S A LOT OF PRESSURE.

To conclude, I need to focus my energy on things I enjoy; photography, getting fit and healthy, cycling, camping, hiking and long road trips to explore. I want to remove from my life, that which serves no positive purpose to me and free my mind to work on ideas and be more effective.

I'm creating this blog to now document my findings and share my photography. A journey of self discovery because it's about as far as I can travel right now. I'll be back with regular updates on how this one pans out.

Fuck facebook and instagram and twitter and pinterest and LINKEDIN, god I hate linkedin. It's not good for our brains.

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